Flight 206: NAMING Departing

Lumina Seventy Four

Flight 312: DIGITAL DESIGN Departing

Educare Small School Khush Mark National Sporting Club Workspace

Flight 405: ANIMATIONS Departing

Lumina Learning Educare Sat & National Geographic

Flight 111: PRINT / DESIGN Departing

Lumina SAT

Flight 003: MARKETING / PLANNING Landed

Saracens RFC Hands Up Holidays


Hands Up Holidays is a unique position in the travel space, as they are a company that offers consumers and the corporate incentives market the opportunity to visit over 37 stunning locations across the globe. Why are they unique? Not only can you stay at some of the most exclusive boutiques and really get authentic cultural experiences, but you and your friends, family, colleagues can help the local community that are really in need. This can be painting schools / orphanages to helping local businesses in learning how to market or other professional skills.

We were brought in to reposition the brand, manage the new corporate identity and communication strategy and most importantly develop the corporate incentive growth plan.

Hands Up Holidays