Flight 206: NAMING Departing

Lumina Seventy Four

Flight 405: ANIMATIONS Departing

Lumina Learning Educare Sat & National Geographic

Flight 111: PRINT / DESIGN Departing

Lumina SAT

Flight 003: MARKETING / PLANNING Departing

Saracens RFC Hands Up Holidays


Khush Mark PhD. is a well respected Nutritionist, Homeopath, Homotoxicologist, lecturer and author. Going from a well received website to a better, more individual site was never going to be easy. Using illustrations from her book: Fat Doesn't Make You Fat was the springboard to creating an energetic, engaging, enlightening (how many Es can we use?) site.

Personal health is pretty important; in fact some say we can't live without it.

Want to know more? www.khushmark.com

Khush MarkKhush Mark